Lake Mead

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Our mission is to manage reclaimed water as a resource. This means working hard to meet the reclaimed water needs of our community today and carefully planning for the role this precious resource will play in our future.


In our dry desert environment, water is our most precious resource From the moment it leaves the homes, schools, churches and businesses in our community, the wastewater makes its way down the network to our water...

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Did You Know?

water drop Every gallon of reclaimed water we treat and return to the environment means an additional gallon we can pull from the Colorado River System for use as drinking water in our valley.

What Is It?

Find out where this water comes from, how it's treated and how we get it to our reuse customers.

UV Filters

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Is it safe for my children or pets to play on areas irrigated with reclaimed water? Yes!


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Reclaimed water can be used for a variety of purposes. From irrigation to dust control.


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